Tailored to needs of small and dynamic systems

Small is big

Challenges in SME sector can be very complex, if not even more demanding from those in large systems. Small and medium sized enterprises are seeking for tested and quality solutions, which can offer within acceptable investment (informatics best buy), applications tailored to needs of small and dynamic systems with constant growth tendency. Therefore the response speed, reliability, modularity and durability, are often the decision factors when choosing the complete ERP system. Informatički inženjering experience and reference list can guarantee that your business needs shall be recognized and supported

ERP applications

Follow your business in real time – Our solutions are based on ERP system. Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP) connects all organization data and processes into one complete system.

Typical ERP system integrates the use of more computer software and hardware components. Key element of most ERP systems is using united data base, depositing various data for different system modules. ERP development started in early 90-ties, and is the modern business tool which can not be exchanged.

ERP follows all resources in real time, i.e. every move is registered in the moment of happening, so manager can have a report in every moment, which like internet portal gives actuality and event review.
With ERP system implementation, the management can follow all costs as they arise, and continuously „adapt” the business activities, what is big advantage related to classic business bookkeeping, where you can react only after certain time and finished reports.